De Dagtoertaxi
Long distance budget taxi with many extras

Company information

De Dagtoertaxi is a licensed one man taxi company, registered in the name of the owner J.M. Hovius, taxi license P37608, Chamber of Commerce 34187677.


One way rides must begin or end at an address within the wide region of Amsterdam (up to 50 kms from postal code 1063 MC). Day hire and day tours must begin and end in this region.  For cruise passengers who want to make a day tour from the Cruise Terminal Rotterdam (which is not in the Amsterdam region), an exception can be made on a surcharge of 20. For long taxi rides (to/from abroad) more exceptions are possible.

Availability and reservation

Theoretically De Dagtoertaxi is availabe on 5 days/evenings of the week (sometimes including weekend days). The taxi is never available between 12:00 midnight and 8:00am.
As De Dagtoertaxi has only one taxi and one driver, its availability is limited. Therefore, you are advised to make your reservation as long as possible in advance. Please click here to check the availability of the taxi.
If the taxi is not available, De Dagtoertaxi can not mediate in finding an alternative.
In that case, the website might be helpful. This company offers comparable services for 1-8 passengers, but has higher rates than De Dagtoertaxi.

Price appointments and taxi meter

For all long distance services (> 50 km), De Dagtoertaxi makes price appointments in advance, according to the rates that are mentioned on the pages per subject.
These rates are always lower than the official maximum taxi rates in the Netherlands. If there is a price appointment, the taxi meter will not be used. However, on request, it is possible to use the meter and pay the meter price (meter rates: 2,65 start / 1,85 p/km / 0,32 p/min).

Eventual external costs (toll roads, ferries etc.) are never included in the price.
If a price appointment has been made, and the trip is extended at the client's request, a new price appointment will be made. Delays due to force majeure (eg traffic jams or detours) will not change the price, unless the client has requested to use the meter.


The taxi is always payed at the end of a taxi service (no prepayment required).
De Dagtoertaxi accepts cash payments (in Euros), European debet cards with a Maestro or V-Pay logo, MasterCard and Visa.
European passengers from SEPA countries pay a surcharge of 2% for credit card payments.
Business travelers with an address and bank account in one of the Euro countries can also ask for an invoice with a payment period of 30 days.
Not accepted are 200 and 500 bank notes, foreign currencies and cheques (including Travellers Cheques).


De Dagtoertaxi uses the Algemene Voorwaarden Taxivervoer, version 22nd June 2006  (general conditions for taxi companies; in Dutch only).
The annulation conditions in article 11 can be translated as follows:

1. Passenger/Client is entitled to cancel the previously agreed Transport Agreement with the
    previously agreed fare through oral or written notice. If the cancellation occurs:
a. between 21 and 14 days before transport, Passenger/Client ows to Carrier: 10% of the agreed fare;
b. between 14 and 2 days before transport, Passenger/Client ows to Carrier: 35% of the agreed fare
c. up to 2 days before transport, Passenger/Client ows to Carrier:75% of the agreed fare.

In addition to the general conditions, the following conditions apply:

Additional conditions for leaving luggage in the unattended taxi

De Dagtoertaxi does not accept responsibility for theft of luggage from the taxi during stops with accompaniment by the driver. The taxi is equipped with a certified alarm system and the driver will do as much as possible to cover the luggage and to find a safe parking place, but the taxi insurance excludes theft of luggage from an unattended taxi. Therefore, leaving your luggage behind in the taxi will be at your own risk, unless you have agreed with the driver that he will stay with the luggage during your absence.

Additional conditions for airport transfers

A definitive reservation for an airport transfer can only be made when the definitive flight information is available. It is possible to let De Dagtoertaxi already know when you expect to arrive/leave, but this is not considered as a reservation. De Dagtoertaxi reserves the right to grant another request for the same date and time.
If the flight schedule changes after a definitive reservation has been made, "De Dagtoertaxi" cannot guarantee that the taxi reservation can be changed as well. If not, the appointment will be cancelled without any mutual costs.

If a reservation is made for transfer from an airport, the driver will let the passengers know where he will meet them. Parking costs at the airport are included up to 5,00.
The maximum waiting time for the driver at the airport is 2,5 hours after the originally planned landing time. In case of a longer delay, custom problems or luggage problems, De Dagtoertaxi cannot guarantee that the taxi (or any replacement transport) will still be available. If not, the earlier appointment will be cancelled without any mutual costs.


De Dagtoertaxi is registered with the "Geschillencommissie Taxivervoer" (Arbitration Commission Taxi). Eventual complaints can be reported directly to "De Dagtoertaxi" and/or to the nationwide hotline for taxi complaints: 0900-2021881 /

Privacy statement

In order to meet the requirements of the new Due to the new Privacy Law per May 25, 2018, De Dagtoertaxi has published a privacy statement on May 7, 2018, that can be read here.

Practical information

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